After a decade spent fitness training on super yachts in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, holistic wellness coach, Matthew Robinson, founded Transcend Wellbeing in 2015.

Through his self-designed fitness programs, Robinson strives to achieve optimal holistic health for his clients through a multidisciplinary fitness approach which combines kundalini yoga practice, cardiovascular and strength training, meditation, breath work and organic nutrition.

Robinson’s philosophy is centred in the belief that optimal health can only be achieved when the body and mind work together in harmony. Only then, is one able to operate at an optimal level of creativity, focus, discipline and empowerment.

Accordingly, Robinson’s personalised training programs are designed to give individuals a well-rounded

set of tools to bring their mind, body and soul into balance

where they are then able to function at their optimal level.

Robinson has amalgamated a devoted following of creative, highly-driven individuals who want to ensure their body is kept lean and energised, while their mind is discipled, calm and ultimately, in tune with their body – functioning at the optimal level.

Transcend Wellbeing gives you the tools to awaken the best possible version of yourself.